Best AI Art generators & AI tools to create better artwork!

Wade McMaster - Creator Impact
24 Nov 202205:39

TLDRIn this video, the presenter introduces top platforms for creating and enhancing AI art, highlighting Dali 2, Mid Journey, and Stable Diffusion. They also discuss tools for fixing AI-generated faces with GFP Gan, extracting images with, and enhancing art with Photoshop's neural filters. For AI artists seeking passive income, print-on-demand services are suggested, along with upscaling tools like and Topaz software. The video encourages viewers to share their own tools in the comments for community benefit.


  • 🎨 Top AI art platforms include Dali, Mid Journey, and Stable Diffusion, each with unique features and interfaces.
  • πŸ–ΌοΈ Dali offers impressive tools like in painting and out painting for enhancing AI-generated art.
  • πŸ“ Mid Journey requires signing up and using their Discord server, but it provides high-quality artwork.
  • πŸ’» Stable Diffusion can be installed on your home computer, though it consumes significant power.
  • πŸ€– GFP Gan is a useful tool for fixing faces in AI-generated images.
  • πŸ–ΌοΈ is an AI service that can automatically extract subjects from images, though it may not always be perfect.
  • 🎨 Photoshop's neural filters and editing capabilities make it a powerful tool for AI art enhancement.
  • πŸ‘€ Talking Heads allows you to animate images by syncing them with audio, adding a fun element to AI art.
  • πŸ’° Print-on-demand services offer AI artists a way to monetize their work by selling merchandise with their art.
  • πŸ” Upscaling tools like, GFP Gan, and Topaz software help increase the resolution of AI art for better print quality.
  • πŸ“ˆ There are many AI art tools available, and sharing knowledge about them can help improve the quality of AI-generated artwork.

Q & A

  • What are the top three AI art platforms mentioned in the video?

    -The top three AI art platforms mentioned are Dali (or Dali 2), Mid Journey, and Stable Diffusion.

  • What features does Dali offer for AI art creation?

    -Dali offers an impressive platform and interface for creating AI art, including cool tools like in painting and out painting, along with many other nifty features to improve AI art after the first generation.

  • What is the process for using Mid Journey for AI art?

    -To use Mid Journey, you first need to sign up and then join their Discord server to access their features. The platform offers high-quality artwork generation with a unique art style.

  • What are the system requirements for installing Stable Diffusion?

    -Stable Diffusion requires a powerful system as it consumes a lot of resources. The installation process is somewhat complex and can be done on your home computer.

  • How can GFP Gan assist with AI art creation?

    -GFP Gan is a tool specifically designed to fix faces in AI-generated art, providing an AI face fixer to improve the quality of facial features in the artwork.

  • Why is Photoshop recommended for AI artists?

    -Photoshop is recommended because of its neural filters and the freedom it offers in editing AI art. It allows for upscaling, improving, changing colors, cutting people out, and extending images using various fill options.

  • What is a fun tool for adding animation to AI-generated faces?

    -Talking is a fun tool that allows you to upload an image, discover facial features, and then animate them by choosing a video or uploading your own video to apply the audio.

  • How can AI artists potentially earn passive income?

    -AI artists can earn passive income through print-on-demand services. They can upscale, upload, and sell their artwork on merchandise like t-shirts and mugs, receiving a commission when items are purchased.

  • What tools are suggested for upscaling AI-generated images?

    -The suggested tools for upscaling images include, GFP Gan, Topaz upscale software, and Photoshop's upscaling feature.

  • How can AI artists share tools they've found useful?

    -AI artists can share useful tools by leaving a comment below the video, providing insights and recommendations to others in the community.



🎨 Top AI Art Creation Platforms and Tools

This paragraph introduces viewers to the top platforms for creating and improving AI art. It starts by mentioning three primary platforms: Dali or Dali 2, known for its impressive interface and innovative tools like inpainting and outpainting; Mid Journey, which requires signing up and using their Discord server but offers high-quality artwork with a unique style; and Stable Diffusion, a platform that can be installed on a home computer but is power-intensive and has a complex setup process. The paragraph also provides links to these tools and a tutorial video for Stable Diffusion. Additionally, it touches on the importance of improving AI-generated art, particularly in fixing faces, with the introduction of GFP Gan as a solution. The paragraph concludes with a recommendation to use Photoshop for its neural filters and editing capabilities, enhancing the AI art experience.


πŸ’‘ Enhancing and Monetizing AI Art

The second paragraph delves into tools and services that can enhance AI art and provide opportunities for monetization. It starts by discussing the use of for extracting images, acknowledging its limitations but suggesting trial and error. Photoshop is again highlighted for its powerful editing tools and AI capabilities. The paragraph then introduces a fun tool, face animator, available at, which can animate images with video or audio. It also discusses print-on-demand services as a way for AI artists to earn passive income by selling merchandise featuring their art. Finally, the paragraph mentions upscaling tools like, GFP Gan, and Topaz Upscale, providing links to these resources and promising a future video on upscaling techniques. The speaker encourages viewers to share any additional tools they've found useful.



πŸ’‘AI art

AI art refers to the use of artificial intelligence in creating visual art. It encompasses a range of techniques where AI algorithms generate or enhance artwork, often resulting in unique and innovative designs. In the video, AI art is the central theme, with the discussion revolving around tools and platforms that facilitate its creation and improvement.

πŸ’‘Dali 2

Dali 2 is a platform known for its impressive interface and tools that allow users to create AI-generated art. It offers features like inpainting and outpainting, which are techniques used to enhance or extend existing images in creative ways. The platform is mentioned as one of the top tools for AI art creation in the video.

πŸ’‘Mid Journey

Mid Journey is a platform that requires users to sign up and utilize its Discord server to access its AI art generation capabilities. It is noted for producing high-quality artwork with a distinct art style, setting it apart from other platforms. The video positions Mid Journey as a top choice for AI art creation.

πŸ’‘Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is a tool that allows users to generate AI art on their home computers. It is recognized for its powerful capabilities but also noted for its high power consumption and the complexity involved in its installation process. The video includes Stable Diffusion as one of the top platforms for AI art creation.

πŸ’‘GFP Gan

GFP Gan is a tool specifically designed to improve the quality of faces in AI-generated art. It addresses a common issue where AI art may not accurately render human faces. By using GFP Gan, artists can enhance the facial features of their AI-generated images, resulting in more realistic and visually appealing artwork.

πŸ’‘ is an AI-powered service that automates the process of extracting the foreground subject from a background in images. It is useful for artists who want to isolate specific elements from their AI-generated art for further manipulation or use in different contexts. However, it is noted that the accuracy of such services can vary, and manual editing might sometimes be necessary.


Photoshop is a widely recognized software for image editing and manipulation. It offers a suite of neural filters and tools that can be used to enhance AI-generated art, providing artists with the freedom to edit, upscale, change colors, and perform other creative adjustments. The video highlights Photoshop as a powerful tool for taking AI art to the next level.

πŸ’‘Talking Heads

Talking Heads is a service that allows users to upload an image and have it animated based on facial features, which can then be synced with a video or audio to create a talking animation. This tool is presented in the video as a fun addition to AI art creation, offering a unique way to bring images to life.


Print-on-demand is a business model and service that enables artists to sell their artwork on various merchandise items without the need for upfront production or inventory. Artists upload their designs, and when a customer orders a product, it is printed and shipped on-demand. This model is highlighted in the video as a way for AI artists to generate passive income from their creations.


Upscaling refers to the process of increasing the resolution of digital images without losing quality. This is particularly important for AI artists who need to enlarge their creations for printing or display purposes. The video mentions several tools that can be used for upscaling AI-generated art, such as and Topaz upscale software.


Top tools for AI art creation and improvement are discussed.

Dali or Dali 2 is highlighted for its impressive platform and interface for creating AI art.

Dali 2 offers cool tools like in painting and out painting for AI art enhancement.

Mid Journey is noted for its high-quality artwork and unique art style.

Stable Diffusion is praised for being installable on a home computer, though it consumes a lot of power.

GFP Gan is recommended for fixing faces in AI art. is mentioned as an AI tool for image extraction.

Photoshop's neural filters and editing capabilities are emphasized for AI art improvement.

Talking Heads is introduced for animating images with video or audio.

Print-on-demand services are presented as an opportunity for AI artists to earn passive income.

Upscaling imagery is crucial for print-on-demand, and tools like Imagelarge and Topaz upscale software are suggested.

Photoshop is considered one of the most powerful tools for upscaling and editing AI art.

The video encourages viewers to share their own AI art tools in the comments.

The video aims to help viewers improve their AI artwork significantly.