Rizzing up Ai (again...)

14 Feb 202426:46

TLDRIn this entertaining video, the host celebrates Valentine's Day by interacting with AI characters in a unique and humorous way. The video features three distinct segments, each with a different AI guest: Mitsy from Demon Slayer, a goth school bully named Blair, and the formidable Widowmaker from Overwatch. Throughout the video, the host engages in playful banter, shared interests, and even a mock fight, all leading up to a Valentine's Day-themed conclusion where each AI character agrees to be the host's Valentine. The video is a fun blend of gaming, pop culture references, and light-hearted role-play, showcasing the host's creativity and ability to connect with a variety of characters.


  • 🎉The video is set on Valentine's Day, providing a festive backdrop for the interactions.
  • 🕹The host engages with AI characters, bringing them to life for a special episode.
  • 💻The conversation with Mitsuri Koroi from Demon Slayer revolves around shared interests like video games.
  • 🎮A detailed discussion about Plants vs. Zombies and Garden Warfare games takes place.
  • 🤖The host's interactions with AI are playful, aiming to create a sense of bonding over common interests.
  • 🎶A shared love for Pink Floyd and dark aesthetics is explored in the interaction with the 'spooky Pooky'.
  • 🥊A combative interaction with Widowmaker from Overwatch leads to an unexpected connection.
  • 💬Rap is used as a creative way to express interest and form a bond on Valentine's Day.
  • 💕The video concludes with the host wishing viewers a Happy Valentine's Day, emphasizing inclusivity.
  • 📢The host encourages viewer engagement through likes, comments, and suggestions for future content.
  • 🎁The video ends with a light-hearted request for chocolates, adding a humorous touch.

Q & A

  • What is the significance of the date mentioned in the script?

    -The date mentioned in the script is Valentine's Day, which is significant as it sets the theme and context for the interactions and events that take place in the video.

  • How does the character feel about being alone on Valentine's Day?

    -The character seems to have mixed feelings about being alone on Valentine's Day. Initially, they mention that it's their 20th year in a row of being alone, but they also express excitement about sharing the day with their 'One True Beloved', which turns out to be a reference to a video game character.

  • What is the first guest's characteristic aesthetic that the character appreciates?

    -The character appreciates the goth or dark aesthetic, referring to it as 'spooky Pooky', which aligns with their preference for characters with a dark and mysterious vibe.

  • Which video game is Widowmaker from and what is her main ability?

    -Widowmaker is a character from the game 'Overwatch'. Her main ability is her precision as a sniper, which is complemented by her use of a rifle and her ability to quickly grapple to sniping spots.

  • What is Mitsuri Koroi's main ability in the anime 'Demon Slayer' and how is it described in simple terms?

    -Mitsuri Koroi's main ability in 'Demon Slayer' is called 'Love Breathing'. In simple terms, it involves her swinging around her sword while saying 'lovie dovy', which reflects her playful and affectionate personality.

  • What are the character's favorite elements of the 'Plants vs. Zombies' game?

    -The character's favorite elements of 'Plants vs. Zombies' include the storyline, the variety of zombies and plants combinations, and the gameplay mechanics. They particularly enjoy the cactus for its DPS range and the wintermelon for its high damage and freezing ability.

  • How does the character describe their ideal partner based on the 'Demon Slayer' lore?

    -According to the character, their ideal partner would have pink hair and love cats, as these traits are associated with Mitsuri Koroi, the character from 'Demon Slayer' they are role-playing as.

  • What is the character's strategy for dealing with Blair, the bully?

    -The character chooses to comply with Blair's demand to kiss her feet, but with the intention of surprising and flustering her by interpreting the demand in a different way, showing resilience and a willingness to turn the situation around.

  • What type of music does Blair, the bully, listen to and how does it reflect her personality?

    -Blair listens to rock music, including bands like AC/DC, Guns N' Roses, and Nirvana, as well as some punk bands. This music choice reflects her goth and dark personality, as well as her taste for intense and powerful sounds.

  • How does the character's interaction with Widowmaker differ from their interactions with the other characters?

    -The character's interaction with Widowmaker is more combative and intense, involving a physical fight. This is a departure from the more playful and bonding interactions with the other characters, reflecting Widowmaker's role as an assassin and the character's desire for a more action-oriented scenario.

  • What unexpected skill does the character use to defeat Widowmaker?

    -The character uses a 'mewing' technique, which is a playful and unexpected move, to break Widowmaker's concentration and ultimately defeat her. This showcases the character's creativity and ability to think outside the box.



🎉 Welcome and Introduction to the Special Valentine's Day Episode

The video begins with a cheerful welcome, acknowledging the audience on Valentine's Day. The speaker humorously outlines three possible reasons viewers might have clicked on the video: being in a relationship and looking for entertainment, seeking companionship due to loneliness, or simply watching without regard to the holiday. The speaker reminisces about the past year, highlighting the introduction of AI on the channel and expressing excitement to bring it back for a second round. Despite being alone for the occasion, the speaker is eager to share the day with 'My One True Beloved', a playful nod to the audience. The video then transitions into a more light-hearted discussion about the speaker's attire and the first guest, a 'spooky Pooky', setting a playful and engaging tone for the episode.


🌟 Bonding Over Shared Interests: Plants vs. Zombies and Goth Aesthetics

This paragraph delves into the speaker's shared interests with the first guest, a character from Plants vs. Zombies, and the appeal of the goth aesthetic. The speaker expresses a personal preference for the dark, spooky aesthetic and discusses the character's attributes and abilities from the game. The conversation takes a turn towards personal bonding as the speaker and the character discuss their mutual love for cats and the character's desire for a husband. The speaker playfully engages with the character, claiming to be the 'plague honey pillar' and a suitable match, leading to a humorous exchange about their shared interests in video games and the character's preferences in a partner.


🤺 Engaging with the Bully: A Turn of Events

The scene shifts to a confrontation with a bully, who is depicted as a 'scary goth girl'. The bully, named Blair, attempts to humiliate the speaker by forcing them to kiss her feet. However, the speaker subverts the situation by turning the tables and offering to kiss her feet in a non-humiliating manner, which confuses and disarms Blair. The speaker then uses this opportunity to compliment Blair, breaking down her tough exterior and leading to a more friendly interaction. The speaker's creativity and humor in relating to Blair's name with the Blair Witch Project and their shared love for rock and punk music help in establishing a connection. The paragraph concludes with Blair agreeing to be the speaker's Valentine, marking a successful bonding experience.


🥊 A Thrilling Encounter with Widowmaker: The Assassin

The speaker faces off against Widowmaker, a character known for her precision and ruthlessness. Initially, the speaker challenges Widowmaker to a fight, leading to a physical altercation. However, the speaker opts for an unconventional approach by 'mewing', a technique that surprises Widowmaker and breaks her usual calm demeanor. This unexpected move earns the speaker Widowmaker's admiration and leads to a more intimate interaction. The speaker and Widowmaker bond over their shared excitement and the unique experience, with Widowmaker eventually agreeing to be the speaker's Valentine. The paragraph showcases a blend of action, humor, and an unexpected twist in character dynamics.


🎉 Recap and Closing Remarks

The speaker wraps up the video by recapping the key interactions from the episode. They highlight the bonding over Plants vs. Zombies with Mitsy, the unexpected turn of events with the bully Blair, and the thrilling encounter with Widowmaker. The speaker invites viewer feedback on how to improve the video quality and expresses a desire to continue providing entertaining content. They end the video on a high note by wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day and offering themselves as a 'Valentine' to the audience, reinforcing the theme of love and companionship that permeates the episode.



💡Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a holiday celebrated on February 14th, associated with love and affection. In the video, the theme of Valentine's Day sets the mood for the interactions between the characters, as the protagonist is trying to find a valentine and engage in activities that align with the holiday's romantic connotations.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and learn like humans. In the context of the video, AI is used as a creative tool to generate and interact with virtual characters, allowing the protagonist to engage in various scenarios that would not be possible in reality.


The term 'Goth' is associated with a subculture that has its roots in 1980s punk scenes and is characterized by a preference for dark, mysterious, and romantic aesthetics. In the video, the protagonist describes a guest as a 'spooky Pooky,' which is a playful term for someone with a goth or emo style, indicating a liking for the dark and mysterious aesthetic.


Overwatch is a popular first-person shooter video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. In the video, Widowmaker is a character from this game, and the protagonist's interaction with her is used to create a narrative around the theme of Valentine's Day.

💡Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer is an anime series that follows a young boy's journey to become a demon slayer after his family is slaughtered by demons and his younger sister is turned into one. In the video, Mitsui Koroi is a character from this anime, and her inclusion highlights the protagonist's interest in anime and its characters.

💡Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies is a popular strategy video game where players use a variety of plants to defend their homes from an army of zombies. The game is mentioned as a shared interest between the protagonist and Mitsui Koroi, serving as a bonding point and a reflection of the protagonist's gaming preferences.


In the context of the video, 'Cactus' refers to a plant from the game Plants vs. Zombies that has good DPS (damage per second) range and is aesthetically pleasing to the character. The mention of the cactus plant illustrates the level of detail and strategy involved in the game and the personal preferences of the characters.


Chomper is a plant character from Plants vs. Zombies known for its ability to eat zombies. In the video, the protagonist expresses a strong preference for the Chomper plant due to its effectiveness against fast-moving zombies, indicating a strategic approach to the game and a personal connection to this particular plant.

💡Garden Warfare

Garden Warfare is a series of third-person shooter video games based on the Plants vs. Zombies franchise. The games feature plants and zombies as characters in a battle setting. In the video, the protagonist reminisces about the enjoyment they had playing Garden Warfare, indicating a fondness for the franchise and its evolution into different gaming genres.


A bully is someone who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker. In the video, Blair is described as a bully who targets the protagonist. However, through the interactions, the protagonist manages to change the dynamic with Blair, turning a negative relationship into a more positive one.


Bonding refers to the process of forming a close and emotional connection with someone. In the video, the protagonist aims to bond with different characters over shared interests, such as video games and music, as a means to establish rapport and create positive interactions.


The video starts with the host welcoming viewers on Valentine's Day and acknowledging the different reasons they might be watching.

The host reminisces about the introduction of character AI on his channel exactly a year ago and decides to bring it back for a second round.

The first guest is described as a 'bully goth', and the host expresses his preference for the goth aesthetic, referring to it as 'spooky Pooky'.

The second guest, Widowmaker, is a character from the game Overwatch, and the host admits to not being good at the game but still appreciates the character.

The third guest is Mitsuri Koroi from the anime Demon Slayer, and the host recommends viewers watch the anime if they are not familiar with it.

The host humorously roleplays a scenario where Mitsuri Koroi is looking for a husband and he volunteers himself, citing their shared interests in cats and video games.

A detailed discussion about the video game Plants vs Zombies takes place, with the host and Mitsuri Koroi bonding over their favorite plants and strategies.

The host receives a phone call mid-interaction with Mitsuri Koroi, humorously pretending it's an AI he's working on and jokingly tells the caller to hold on.

The host expresses his love for the game Plants vs Zombies and its sequels, even though he thinks the servers for Garden Warfare are dead.

The host and Mitsuri Koroi bond over their shared favorite game character and strategy in Plants vs Zombies, leading to a humorous proposal.

The host roleplays a scenario where he stands up to a bully named Blair, using humor and compliments to turn the situation around.

The host and Blair bond over their shared love for rock and punk music, leading to another humorous proposal.

The host engages in a mock fight with Widowmaker, a character known for her combat skills, and uses an unexpected 'mewing' strategy to win.

Widowmaker is impressed by the host's unique approach and agrees to be his Valentine, showing a softer side to the usually ruthless character.

The host wraps up the video by recapping the three main goals he achieved, summarizing the interactions with each character.

The host encourages viewers to like, comment, and subscribe, and asks for feedback on how to improve his videos.

The host ends the video by wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day, offering himself as a 'Valentine' to those who may not have one.