Summarization Tool

Jeff Coots
11 May 201503:01

TLDRThe Summarization Tool on Mac allows users to quickly condense articles, saving time and enabling focused reading. To use, enable the tool via System Preferences under Keyboard Shortcuts and Services. Highlight text, right-click, and select 'Summarization' to reduce the content's size. Adjustable settings let you control the summary's length. This feature is beneficial for students and those with special needs, simplifying lengthy articles for easier comprehension. For inquiries, contact [email protected].


  • 😀 The Summarization Tool is designed to quickly summarize articles, allowing users to get a gist before reading the entire content.
  • 🔧 To enable the Summarization Tool on a Mac, go to System Preferences, then Keyboard, and Shortcuts, and ensure the summarization service is checked.
  • 📝 When reading an article, you can highlight the text and use the 'Services' menu to access the Summarization feature.
  • 🔄 The summarization process adjusts the length of the text, with the ability to control the level of summarization from 1% to 100%.
  • 📉 For longer articles, the tool is particularly useful as it condenses the content, making it more manageable to read.
  • 📋 The summarized text can be copied into other applications, such as Word documents, for further editing or sharing.
  • 👨‍🎓 The tool can be beneficial for students who may not have time to read full articles or for those with different reading abilities.
  • 💡 It's a built-in feature of the Mac OSX system, providing a convenient way to handle large volumes of text.
  • ❓ For any questions or further assistance, contact Jeff Coot at [email protected].
  • 📢 The speaker encourages sharing the tool with others and posting comments for feedback.
  • 👍 The Summarization Tool is presented as a useful and helpful addition to the Mac system for managing reading material.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of the summarization tool mentioned in the transcript?

    -The summarization tool is designed to condense articles, allowing users to quickly grasp the main points before deciding whether to read the entire piece. It helps save time and focus on content of interest.

  • How can I enable the summarization tool on my Mac?

    -To enable the summarization tool, go to System Preferences, then to Keyboard, and finally to Shortcuts. Under the Services menu, scroll down and ensure the summarization tool is checked.

  • What happens when I use the summarization tool on an article?

    -The tool summarizes the selected text, reducing its length and presenting the main ideas more concisely. You can adjust the level of summarization by changing the percentage.

  • Can the summarization tool handle both short and long articles?

    -Yes, the summarization tool can process both short and long articles, making it useful for a variety of reading lengths.

  • How can I adjust the level of summarization?

    -You can adjust the level of summarization by changing the percentage shown in the tool's interface, which ranges from 1% to 100%.

  • What are some potential uses for the summarization tool?

    -The summarization tool can be used for quickly understanding large amounts of data, assisting students with time constraints, or adapting articles for students with different reading abilities.

  • How do I copy the summarized text to another document or tool?

    -After summarizing the text, you can copy it and paste it into any document or tool you are using, such as a Word document, for further editing or sharing.

  • Is the summarization tool perfect for all types of articles?

    -While the tool is helpful, it is not perfect. It can summarize paragraphs but may not always produce perfect results, especially with very short or complex articles.

  • How can I contact the person who provided the transcript for further questions?

    -If you have further questions, you can reach out to Jeff Coot at [email protected].

  • What is the recommended way to share the benefits of the summarization tool with others?

    -The transcript suggests sharing the tool's benefits with other individuals and posting comments on the holler to spread awareness.

  • Is the summarization tool a standalone application or part of the Mac OSX system?

    -The summarization tool is embedded within the Mac OSX system and does not require a separate application.



📘 Enabling the Summarization Tool on Mac

This paragraph introduces a tool on Mac that can summarize long articles, helping users to quickly grasp the main points before deciding to read the entire piece. To enable this feature, users must navigate to System Preferences, then to Keyboard Shortcuts, and finally to Services, ensuring the summarization option is checked. The process is demonstrated with a sample article, showing how to use the 'Services' menu to summarize the content. The tool allows for adjusting the level of summarization, and the summarized text can be copied into other applications for further use.



💡Summarization Tool

A summarization tool is a software application designed to condense lengthy text into a shorter, more digestible format while retaining the essential points. In the context of the video, the Mac's summarization tool is highlighted as a feature that can significantly reduce the time spent reading articles by providing a quick overview. This is particularly useful for skimming through content to determine its relevance before deciding to read in-depth, as demonstrated when the tool is used to summarize a short article in the script.

💡System Preferences

System Preferences is a macOS feature that allows users to configure various settings for their computer, including keyboard shortcuts, display options, and more. In the script, it is mentioned as the first step to enable the summarization tool, indicating that it is an integral part of the operating system's customization process.

💡Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are combinations of keys on a computer keyboard that are used to perform certain actions more efficiently than using a mouse. In the video script, the user is guided to access 'keyboard shortcuts' within the system preferences to enable the summarization tool, emphasizing the ease of activation and use of this feature.


In macOS, 'Services' is a submenu under 'System Preferences' that contains a list of services that can be performed on selected text or data. The script instructs the viewer to navigate to 'Services' to find the summarization tool, illustrating how it is integrated into the system's functionality.


Highlighting is the act of marking or emphasizing specific text to draw attention to it. In the script, the user is shown highlighting the text of an article before using the summarization tool, which is a necessary step to indicate which part of the text should be summarized.


A right-click is a mouse action performed by pressing the right button on the mouse, often used to access additional options or menus. The script describes using a right-click to access the 'Services' menu and subsequently the summarization tool, showing how the tool can be easily accessed through common mouse actions.


Percentage is a way of expressing a number as a fraction of 100. In the context of the summarization tool, the script mentions adjusting the percentage to control the level of summarization, with 100% representing the full text and lower percentages resulting in a more condensed summary.


A paragraph is a unit of discourse in writing dealing with a single point or idea. The script refers to the summarization tool's ability to condense paragraphs, indicating that it can handle both large and small blocks of text to provide a concise summary.


Copying is the action of duplicating text or other data. The script describes copying the summarized text into a Word document, demonstrating the tool's utility in transferring summarized content to other applications for further use or sharing.


Editing is the process of reviewing and modifying written material to improve its clarity, style, or content. After summarizing an article, the script suggests that the user can edit the summary, indicating that the tool provides flexibility for further refinement of the condensed text.

💡Special Needs Students

Special needs students refer to individuals with disabilities or learning difficulties that require special accommodations or adaptations in education. The script mentions the summarization tool as potentially beneficial for these students, as it can make reading material more accessible by reducing its length and complexity.

💡Reading Abilities

Reading abilities refer to the skills and competencies an individual possesses in reading and understanding written text. The script suggests that the summarization tool can be useful for students with varying reading abilities, as it can adapt the length and complexity of text to better suit their needs.


Summarization Tool can help quickly get a gist of an article before reading the whole thing.

Enable the summarization tool by going to System Preferences.

Navigate to Keyboard and Shortcuts, then select Services.

Ensure the summarization service box is checked.

Highlight the information in an article you want to summarize.

Right-click and select Services, then choose Summarization.

The article is summarized, and the size can be adjusted from 1 to 100%.

The summarization tool is not perfect but can condense paragraphs effectively.

Options to change the size, sentences, or paragraphs are available.

Copied summaries can be used in various documents or tools.

The tool is useful for handling large data sets and can aid students with time constraints.

It can also assist special needs students by simplifying articles.

The summarization tool is embedded into the Mac OSX system.

For questions, contact Jeff Coot at [email protected].

The tool is recommended for sharing with others and posting comments on the holler.